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Beginner Latin American & Social Dance Class


Choice of either 

Tuesday 20th April 7.30 to 8.30 with Louise 


Wednesday 21st April 8.30 to 9.30pm with Mike 

  • If you’ve ever wanted to learn to dance this is the class for you, Fun, simple and easy to learn dance moves. 

Dancing is like the alphabet.  Once you’ve learnt the basics you can put them together in several combinations. In the beginners class you gain the idea of how to move and develop as you go along. 

Beyond that, all you need is a willingness to let yourself go.

Venue:  Tempo+ 114 Cuba Street (formerly Easidance) 168 Fitzherbert Ave, Opp the Ambassador Motel 

Plenty of off street parking

Cost: $75pp for 6 week term

Instructor:  Louise Ghiakopian MNZFTD SATD BB LA NV

For information or to register for this course - 

Email:    - If you have not had a reply within 24hrs please resubmit.  OR JUST COME ALONG


Wednesdays 6.30 to 7.30pm  

If you went to a Beginners Latin American and Social Ballroom class, you’ll normally want to go to Improvers next. h.

The Improvers course builds on the material taught in beginners and teaches more choreography in the dances you have learnt

If you are coming back after a breaking taking this course is a good way to refresh your memory.

Venue:  EasiDance Studio 168 Fitzherbert Ave, Opp the Ambassador Motel       Plenty of off street parking

Cost:  6 week term $75  (EFTPOS unavailable) Wed 

For information or to register for this course



Clothing & Footwear

It does not matter what you wear as long as you are comfortable. Neat causal is good. It is best of avoid flip flops, 6 inch heels or boots.

Already Know how to Dance

Improver courses are offered to those looking to take their dancing to the next level. These help to build on the basics you already know from the beginner class while helping you to improve your technique. 

Private Lessons for First Dance or Special Occasion

Here we choreography a routine to your choice of music and endeavour to ensure that couples are not only confident with their wedding dance but will derive joy from dancing it on the big day. The son you choose should be selected on the basis of your and your partners likes and dislikes.

Frequently asked question is “how many lessons will I need”.

This depends largely on the ability of the individuals and especially on the need to have home practice before each lesson. Practice ensures that even though the steps may not be technically perfect the couple look comfortable delivering them.


Other Options

As well as our popular group classes, we also offer (time permitting) the following. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you out.

Team building classes for clubs, business and other specialized groups.

  • Private Lessons
    One to one, individual instruction. This style of instruction is suitable for special events such as Weddings etc.
  • Medal Tests (June 2021)
    A series of levels, similar to those used in marital arts. Instead of different coloured belts the medalist system is based on a series of medals from Bronze to Gold to Oscar.
  • Social Events
  • These are run by interested dancers. Practice nights -), group social outings and Medal dances are held throughout the dancing year. This affords students the opportunity to enjoy themselves and their dancing.